Where is the church?

It is an extremely challenging landscape as we survey the world scene today. Wars and conflict seemingly everywhere. The world looks for solutions, but seems to be leaving out a key element in the peace process, The Prince of Peace. Our nation once a great influence on world peace and prosperity now struggles to maintain a position of respect and legitimacy at the international governing table. We struggle to remain solvent at home with staggering debt and weak leadership. When our country has gone through crisis before we have had spiritual leaders rise up and call our nation to prayer and revival. With generations that have been denied access to the truth because we have allowed courts to evict God from our social fabric and the intellectual elite scoff and ridicule the essential principles needed to restore solvency and sanity, who will lead the charge to bring spiritual renewal and revival to a country who at heart still holds to Christian beliefs? Psalms 11:3  If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Have the foundations been so devastated that the righteous cannot prevail against the onslaught of atheistic reasoning and ungodliness?

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