10 Spiritual Lesson from the Execution of bin Laden

Lesson Three: Unseen Evil

Some of those in a position to determine whether or not to release photographs of mass murderer bin Laden have determined that the photographs are too gruesome to be released publicly. They believe the photographs are so repulsive that they could impact ones psyche deeper than is considered healthy for the normal human mind. The  photographs of a mutilated bin Laden could never compare with the gruesome evil that resided in his heart and saturated his mind. This gruesome evil induced confused individuals to a distorted radical ideology, and convinced them to facilitate the vile activities spawned in their sadistic leader’s imagination. No physical image can ever illustrate the gruesomeness of such demented evil.

But what gruesome evil lurks behind the façade of feel good theology? What hideous wickedness resides behind the false doctrine proclaiming a deity of love and no accountability? What repulsive, grisly evil promotes false hopes through the counterfeit propaganda of grand rewards and no judgment? The evil of the terrorist threatens the temporary wellbeing of people who oppose their twisted ideology, and disrupts the free flow of law-abiding citizens. But evil is no more gruesome than that of a false theology, which promotes a feel good God; anesthetizing the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and destroying the  hope of finding redemption and heaven.

Lesson Four: Difficult to Discover  (to be posted)

Lesson Five: Determination  (to be posted)

Lesson Six: Commitment  (to be posted)

Lesson Seven:  Persistence  (to be posted)

Lesson Eight: Difficult to Destroy  (to be posted)

Lesson Nine: Concentrated Assault  (to be posted)

Lesson Ten: Glorious Victory  (to be posted)

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