Relevant Worship

Is your worship relevant to real spiritual health and eternal well-being? As we read through the Old Testament we find periods when Israel’s worship became nothing more than ritual and routine. They went through ceremonies passed down from previous generations, but the experience was nothing more than ritualistic traditons.

There is a generational gap in many churches today. Many churches have a traditonal service and then a contemporary service to try and entice “the new generation.” The younger generations are confused by the traditional hymns and formalities found in convential services. There is a feeling that worship has become irrelevant and we need to make it more hip and interesting for the younger generation.  But is the format the real issue?

When the earlier generations established their worship it was based on what ministered to their souls. The singing and scripture reading had meaning and significance becasuse they had a real relationship with God. The culture was slower paced and had time for meditation. They lived their faith and worship was an extension of their daily walk.

Today life is high tech and there is little time for meditation and reflection on God and his word. Believers grab a spiritual thought here and there and then they are off into the excesses of the world to try and survive till they hear a blurb about God on the radio, or see a glossy production on television, or stumble onto some religious tweet, blog or social media posting providing short term spiritual resuscitation.

Worship needs to be relevant to be meaningful, but making it shallow and hip is not the solution. Ministries need to help the believers in their congregation build meaningful relationships with their Lord and Savior. They need to Lead fellow believers into stronger relationships with God, which will provide them with a spiritual maturity and depth that makes their worship meaningful. Do we need to jazz up our worship or build more mature believers?

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