Reflections On Our Fallen Heroes

The graves of hundreds of thousands of our American heroes, lie scattered around the world. Simple white headstones strewn across sacred fields like the fallen bodies of those brave souls they represent.

Who can restrain the tears that well up in our eyes as we look upon the final resting place of these fallen saints of freedom.

Who can repress the pride that floods our hearts as we think about the sacrifices they made so we can enjoy the things they will never again experience.

The simple embrace of their mother.

The passionate kiss of their mate.

The pride of a son and daughter standing by their side.

No graduations, no weddings, no holidays, no moments of silent satisfaction reflecting on family and life.

Perhaps, we who enjoy the rewards of their investment should set aside a few moments now and then to pause in silent reflect, on exactly what they have sacrificed, so that we might experience these truly sacred privileges.

Thank you veterans; fallen, wounded, retired, those who have returned from conflict, and those still engaged; for your sacrifice and commitment to making our country the land of the free and the home of the brave, and each of us proud to be Americans.


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