10 Spiritual Lesson from the Execution of bin Laden

Lesson Four: Difficult to Discover

Snow leopards are very reclusive animals. For a long time, very little was known about the snow leopard because they were so difficult to find and track. Their habitat is in the upper elevations of very rugged mountainous terrain often veiled in cloud cover. They have a camouflaged coat of fur that helps them blend into the surrounding terrain. Snow leopards are very clandestine cats.

Like the snow leopard terrorists are difficult to locate and track. They build networks that provide extremely effective diversions and cover for them to evade discovery and elude capture and eradication. For almost ten years the best intelligence agencies in the world attempted to locate one of history’s most notorious mass murderers, Osama bin Laden. There were rumors that he was hiding in caves in Afghanistan.  Many thought he was in Iran or Pakistan. Many intelligence agencies thought he was in Pakistan networking with Pakistani intelligence agencies. But it wasn’t until the interrogation of another radical Muslim terrorist revealed bin Laden’s personal courier and he was located and trailed, that  they were able to determine with certainty that bin Laden was in the town of Abbottabad, Pakistan. After months of deliberation American leaders decided to exercise justice and send a team of elite Special Forces to eradicate the hideous mass murderer.

Locating one’s enemy is a very difficult task. This is true in the spiritual realm as well as in the physical realm. It is difficult to come to terms with the fact that we are sinners. We try to cover up the truth about our fallen nature by directing attention  to someone else who deals with sins we consider worse than ours. We determine that since our sins are not as bad as their sins we will be alright with God and not have to worry about the final judgment. But, when we stand before God in the Day of Judgment, it will not be the person we have designated as a worse sinner that will be the standard by which we are judged. It will be Christ.

Mad men who devise evil plots to kill innocent people believe they are superior and have the authority to determine who is worthy to live and who should die. The person who deceives themselves about sin, exalts themselves above the laws of God and grants themselves special dispensations, dispensations that the eternal judge will not accept any more than a civilized society will accept a terrorist.

Sin is difficult to discover, but not impossible. As the authorities of civilized society remained vigilant against bin Laden’s wiles and attempts to elude eradication believers need to be vigilant against sin’s clandestine activities to hide in our hearts and lives.

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