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The Family Farm: Allegory of a Nation

In rustic rural Virginia, spread out along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, laid land that had been the heritage of a hardworking, God fearing family. The farm had been a part of this family’s heritage for generations. Records at the local courthouse show the farm had belonged to the family for over three hundred years. The old farmer had worked the land and tended the cattle with the same dedication and care as the generations of those who had handed it down to him.

As the old farmer transitioned into his golden years he recalled how his grandfather and father used to discuss, with great concern, the difficulty in finding someone to represent them in the fields, in an honest and dependable way. He could recall as a young man how the conversations on the subject became more and more frequent and with growing concerns over the character of those they relied upon to make the farm work efficiently.

His thoughts drifted to the people he had depended on to help him run the farm. He remembered Jacob. Jacob was a very likeable guy. He remembered Jacob’s politician smile and firm handshake. When he met him the farmer recalled feeling like he had found someone with potential, someone he could count on to get the job done. Every time he met with Jacob he was upbeat, encouraging and Jacob would tell him how his assignments were moving smoothly, “like clockwork” Jacob liked to say. But different information started to surface that didn’t support Jacob’s claims. Equipment he was supposed to have serviced began breaking down for lack of standard maintenance. Tasks he said had been completed were only partially done, or poorly done, or not done at all. Jacob always had a smile and a positive response, but he had a problem telling the truth.

He remembered the day in the early spring when he was short handed and needed help with the planting. Ed stopped by the farm and asked if he needed any help. The farmer hired him and put him to work that day. Ed showed up every morning and went to the area he had been assigned, but found it more convenient to piddle and play than to work. The farmer made use of him as best he could to pick up some of the slack, but Ed’s poor work habits, what his father called being lazy, set him behind so he didn’t get everything planted he needed to plant.

Old Joe, Old Joe was a man who had worked for him for a good long while, probably longer than anyone else he had on the farm. He had trusted old Joe and promoted him to supervisor over field production where he was responsible for the planting and harvesting of grain, and the production of hay. Old Joe was diligent and hardworking, hardly missed a day. But the farmer discovered that old Joe had been skimming the harvests and selling a portion of the harvest on the side for himself.

The farmer’s memory slipped back to the time when his children began to work on the farm. He had worked hard to teach them how to live ethical productive lives. He had worked hard to instill in them strong work ethics, a sense of right and wrong, of being honest and doing their best in everything. But as they worked alongside the other farmhands they began to pick up bad habits. One by one the children found the work on the farm too hard and took government positions. They found the traits they had learned from the hired help served them well in their new employment.

The farmer now old and unable to keep up the farm, and not having his children there to take up the slack, or hired help he could trust, watched his precious farm deteriorate. The barn wasn’t painted. The fences weren’t mended. The cattle had to be sold. The fields were not plowed or planted. He was only able to keep up little patches to grow the food they needed and enough to sell to pay the basic bills.

When the old farmer died his wife was put in a home, so she had someone to care for her, and the farm was sold to a corporate agricultural firm. They came in and refurbished the buildings installing all the new high tech equipment needed to run the farm remotely. They tore down the old clap board farm house and replaced it with a new brick corporate office.

The heritage of the homestead stood silently on a hill overlooking the farm; marked with simple sandstone monuments, engraved with the heroes’ names, dates of birth and death.

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Can We Put the Pieces Back Together?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall;
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
Threescore men and threescore more,
Can’t place Humpty Dumpty as he was before.

Cute little nursery rhyme, but it illustrates for us the dilemma our nation faces today. There has been an egregious break down in the moral and ethical fabric of our cultural foundation and the results there has been a melt down of everything else; laws, economy, culture and patriotism. As we look at the condition our country is in we have to ask, as the poet of the nursery rhyme; “can it be put back together again?”

Where does hope for a solution lie? Many look to the political arena to find the skill and wisdom to reassemble our broken society. But the political genius has all too often proven inept and short-lived at best. They pass laws to try to correct the designed destruction of our constitution, but in a few years a careless populous turns around and elects an even more radical socialists to move the destruction of our liberties and freedom nearer the edge of total collapse. The present period, of what was supposed to have been an administration of social and moral cleansing and renewal, has proven to be an administration that has pushed the social and constitutional pillars of our country over the cliff and left those who love freedom, liberty and the fundamentals of democracy and capitalism working to try to salvage a few of the critical pieces. We have to watch as arrogant, self promoting socialists drive the historical principles of the most prolific nation in history into the abyss.

Can the pieces be put together again? The only hope for restoration of this great nation lies in the one whose mercy and grace brought about its inception, establishment and ascension to greatness, God. Throughout the history of our country when this nation was in the process of losing its foundation of godliness and civil order the merciful creator sent revival. The hearts of the populace were changed and the minds of the citizens ordered so his hand of protection and blessing could be preserved and propogated.

I propose that the only way this malicious destruction of that which has afforded us the privilege of living peaceful lives, enjoying the fabulous fruits of liberty and the opportunity to pursue happiness, is a national return to God. Socialism and atheism has inundated our federal education system, disposing of God and establishing humanism as the supreme authority. We find ourselves in a period similar to the time of the Old Testament judges when everyone did that which was right in their own eyes. The solution today is the same as it was in their day, repentance and turning to God. Only he can put the broken shell of our constitution and our freedom back together again.

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